China's military deploys its first corruption inspectors

Jan 08, 2020

China's military deploys its first corruption inspectors

As part of a military reshuffle, the PLA set up its own corruption-fighting division in January, the discipline inspection commission, under China's top military decision-making body, the Central Military Commission (CMC). A military auditing office was also established to organize and guide internal audits and supervision.

President Xi Jinping, who also chairs the CMC, issued a stern warning of "cabals and cliques" in the Communist Party of China in a speech published in the People's Daily on Tuesday.

Xinhua also reported that the new graft inspectors finished a two-day training session on Wednesday and have been divided into 10 teams before being sent to various units around the country.

The latest step came after the military set up a hotline in January for people to report corruption and other misconduct.



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